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Multimedia Systems Center AE


Crete TOURnet

Crete Tournet

We own the most complete Tourist Guide on the Internet about Crete, in 6 languages. 
Visit for an exquisite Crete experience.


FORTHnet Internet!

MSC operates the FORTHnet Shop in Chania. We offer all FORTHnet and NOVA services.
ADSL, NOVA, FORTHnet Telephony, leased lines, ISDN, PSTN, FORTHnet Wi-Fi and more.

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MSC is an ICT company specialized in multimedia and web technologies.
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About Multimedia Systems Center SA Εκτύπωση E-mail

Multimedia Systems Center S.A (MSC) was founded in 1993 as an IT company. The products and services of MSC include:

  • integrated telecommunications and software solutions for organizations and enterprises, 
  • IT management of tourism resources (incoming tourism), 
  • multimedia GIS platforms and tools for the fast production of GIS and tourism applications, 
  • information systems and web applications for a large number of organizations and companies, 
  • multimedia content acquisition and management, 
  • learning applications. 

MSC employs specialized  and experienced technical staff such as Computer Engineers (4) and Computer Scientists (1), most of them with post-graduate studies (4) in the development department. MSC is provenly capable of developing advanced solutions for organizations and  SMEs, mainly in the market sectors of tourism, real-estate, government and education.

Major organizations that have cooperated with MSC include the Region of Crete,  the Western Crete Regional Development company, the City of Heraklion Municipal Development Company,  the Prefecture of Chania, the Municipality of Chania and the Chania Municipal Development Company, the Municipal Water Management company of the Region of Chania,  the Public Hospital of Chania, High Schools of the Region, the National Research Center Eleftherios Venizelos,  and many companies in the areas of Real Estate, Construction, Retail, Tourism, Transport, Accommodation, Publishing, Broadcasting, Learning, etc.

Because of the increase of the interest in networking services and their interdependency with multimedia and distributed information systems, these services are within the major goals of the company, too. MSC has an extensive clientele to which it provides advanced internet solutions and services (ISDN, ADSL, wireless, constant telephony) in co-operation with FORTHnet. In addition MSC provides broadband internet satellite services for remote areas that do not have a reliable terrestrial network support, in cooperation with the Hellas SAT net.

MSC has developed and runs the CreteTOURnet portal ( which provides detailed multimedia information and services for the tourism of Crete in 6 languages, including history, archeology, nature, accommodation, rentals, transport, etc. The portal has a very high visit rate, it operates in cooperation with many tourism service providing organizations in Crete, it is supported by fees and advertising (including Google’s), and provides also tourism services in mobile devices in cooperation with a major international tourism travel agency (Thomson).

MSC, since its foundation, has created a multimedia repository (a large multimedia database) related to tourism in Crete and it has produced a multimedia information base for the archaeological history and Culture of Crete. The database contains more than 6.000 high-resolution pictures of Cretan sites, detailed video sequences of areas of interest and descriptive text about all sites and areas of interest. A CD-ROM (The Complete Multimedia CDROM of Crete) with contents related to history, culture and tourism of Crete is available in six languages (Greek, English, German, French, Italian, and Norwegian. The company has also collected large quantities of multimedia data concerning the history and culture of the Greek regions of Central Greece, South Aegean and Peloponnesus, which will be integrated in CD-ROM/DVD products in the future. Multilayer Thematic Digital Maps (City Maps and Geographical Maps) are available for the Region Crete. They present various kinds of information including different types of sites colored according to their significance and facilities (Post Offices, Tourist Information Offices, Police Stations, etc.) Multilayer Digital Maps can be exported to a large number of different maps, depending on the quantity and quality of information that a user wants to build in. Finally MSC has created extensive multimedia learning material (including ubiquitous learning material) for various kinds of needs of SMEs.

In order to achieve its goals, MSC has participated in a number of EU and National research and development projects. Platforms, tools and methodologies developed in those projects found their way to the products and services offered today by the company. The National and international projects that the company participated include:

  • Networks of Monitoring and Advanced Warning for Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Crete

The project is financed by the Ministry of Research and Development of Greece and aims to develop extensive networking infrastructure for monitoring and warning for disasters in Crete. Crete and the Aegean have suffered from large earthquakes in its past as well as tsunamis. Monitoring infrastructure includes earth based monitoring devices, sea-based devices and satellite information, all interconnected and managed by information systems.

  • ACTS-SICMA (Scaleable Interactive Continuous Media Server Design and Application)

SICMA was developed within the EU ACTS program. The general aim of the SICMA project was to design an efficient and scaleable multimedia server for the delivery of images, data and continuous multimedia information (video, audio) in a client-server architecture following the DVB standards. Interactive application support was also provided. In addition its purpose was to demonstrate its functionality and efficiency by applying it to a relevant application, namely the so called "Virtual Museum'' which was installed and demonstrated for a time period in the Museum of Natural History in London. Visitors of the Museum were interacting with the multimedia application supported by the server. The server was also used within various test-beds showing the potential to serve a large number of users under various conditions. It is the aim of the project to design a cost efficient server making interactive access to various forms of media feasible this way.


The main aim of this project was the production of basic modules for interactive training of staff and company heads of SMEs in Tourism, Cultural Industry and related sectors by means of the ADONIS environment. 

All developed materials were organized in distributed repository for innovative multimedia courseware in the field of information technologies and e-business with re-usability of the available educational resources and flexible approach to the development of new educational materials. 
The repository contains training materials (in English and partner languages) for 8 topics and metadata descriptions according to the educational metadata standards. The validation of the repository functionality has been performed to ensure high quality management of the multimedia data base, re-usability of educational resources and fast-reactivity of the courseware production.


  • ESPRIT-VENIVA (VENetIan Virtual Archive)

VENIVA was a research and development project and belongs to the EU program ESPRIT. The core idea of the VENIVA project was the remote access of the documents (libraries and archived records) preserved in Venice, Corfu, Crete, and Vienna. It managed paper documents, hand-written and printed bibliographic documents, drawings, maps and the like, which concern the Venetian history in the above cities.

  • TEN/TELECOM - Cretan TOURnet

The main aim of the EU Cretan TOURnet project was to provide an integrated and complete support to the tourism-related SMEs of the Region of Crete through the Cretan TOURnet System. The Cretan TOURnet System integrated the advanced existing infrastructure of the region for the general promotion of tourism in the Region of Crete. Furthermore, the Cretan TOURnet System provided generic services (such as basic advertisement) to all the tourism-related SMEs of Crete. Additionally, advanced services (such as specialized advertisement, reservations, bookings, and electronic payment transactions) have been developed and integrated in an individual basis for all interested tourism-related SMEs.


The program was financed by the Greek ministry of research and development. It developed a platform for managing incoming tourism based on internet. The platform allows the creation and management of tourism products and services, and is used by tourism companies that want to create their own products or by travel agencies that want to use those products.

  • Restauro: restoration of historical city centers

The program was financed by EU and aimed to the restoration of historical city centers in Europe. In the program a multimedia information system based on a detailed mapping of the buildings of the medieval city of Chania was generated with all the information management functions that allow continuous update of the status of the city buildings.

  • PALIO 

The aim of this EU project was to build a Web Services publishing framework, which will be used to create personalized Tourism related Web Services. The design of the PALIO service is driven by the combination of some new concepts as: personalization, accessibility anytime, from anywhere and with any communication technology, real-time interactions. These objectives will be achieved through the development of some technological and service innovations and in particular: - Integration of mobile and fixed telecommunication networks; - Methodologies and technologies for the design of scalable and personalized access, information and services; - Tools for service personalization and for interaction through mobile and portable terminals.


ELOQUENT, part of the LINGUA project, was an educational research project that aimed in using the existing equipment for the development of a multilingual self-training multimedia computer-based lessons. 


The objective of the project was the promotion and advertisement of tourism in the area of the Psiloritis mountain in Crete. A multimedia Information System with the above purpose has also been developed.

  • ESPRIT - MILLION (Multimedia Interactive Leading Life-giving Initiative On Net)

MILLION was an R&D project and part of the ESPRIT program of EU. It aims to realize a consumer-oriented system for developing the tourist potential of European cities by providing communications-based services to a significant sample of people of some geographic areas and by giving visibility to the tourist offer of involved areas to the largest possible community of networked users: the Internet. Multimedia Systems Center AE was a subcontractor to the Municipality of Chania and developed a multimedia information system to provide information through Internet about the city and the prefecture of Chania.


For any questions, comments, list of customers or other information you would like to find about the products or services that are being offered by Multimedia Systems Center A.E., please contact us in the following addresses: 
Boniali 20, 73134 Chania, Crete Greece
P.O. Box 203, 731 10 Chania, Crete Greece


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Fax: +30 2821 088427
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